Regional Computer Crimes Education and Enforcement Group

RCCEEG St. Louis is an organization of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and computer professionals in the St. Louis area and surrounding counties; dedicated to providing manpower, technical and legal assistance in computer crime education and investigation.

Because of the technical complexities associated with computer-related crimes and evidence, and limitations of personnel and training, RCCEEG was formed to provide an organized pool of personnel and resources from a variety of participating agencies.

Similar to the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis, RCCEEG provides requesting law enforcement agencies with required manpower and technical and legal assistance to investigate computer-related crime. In addition,  RCCEEG will assist in the search and seizure of computer-related criminal evidence; including its examination and analysis, and the investigation of Internet related crimes. Primary investigative responsibility and authority for any investigation remains with the requesting agency.


Agencies benefit by RCCEEG assistance in a number of ways. Among those are:

  • Criminal Investigative Support
  • Assistance in the preparation of Search Warrants.
  • Identification, Collection, Analysis, and Preservation of Evidence.
  • Training in a number of computer-crime related disciplines.
  • Education and Crime Prevention Programs.